About Studio KASBOEK
by Nina Knaack, 2023

Where curiosity is enriched,
Studio KASBOEK sheds new light on art

– a collective exploration of perception with ever-evolving art.

Cathalijne Postma (1981), Debbie van Berkel (1980), and Jojanneke Postma (1983) collaborate, intrigued by how we experience, see, and perceive reality in both the physical and virtual worlds. Under the name Studio KASBOEK, these artists have been creating new interactions since 2008, aiming to change perception and evoke wonder.

After art school, the trio sought each other out to brainstorm and ask each other new questions through continuous “what if?” thinking. They kept joint sketchbooks (account books/ kasboek), which served as small workshops to exchange ideas and further explore discussed themes. Through these exchanges, it became increasingly clear that each of them brought a different layer to the subject, offering a renewed perspective on each other’s thinking. Challenging perspectives is what drives them. They aim to question ideas and prejudices by engaging in cross-pollination, thereby discovering new patterns and interesting connections. The collaboration within Studio KASBOEK offers them a haven where surprising synergies emerge that they likely would not have discovered individually.

Studio KASBOEK’s concepts question reality, focusing on the transitional space between the physical and digital worlds. The artists do this by exploring perception, light, and sensory experiences, working intuitively. The interaction between artwork, audience, and environment forms the core of their work, carefully observing the encounters and cross-pollinations that arise from it. They strive to initiate a process in the viewer, promoting a changed view of the world. However, they do not aim to tell the viewer how the world works. Instead, they provide tools for the viewer to see and experience more, fostering a deeper and richer perspective on the world.

Studio KASBOEK continuously develops new projects with a focus on experimentation. For these three women, making art is an ongoing investigation, akin to science. They thrive on pioneering and seek to lead in discoveries and connecting elements that offer new insights. The artists do not think in restrictions but rather manifest in a way that opens new doors. Studio KASBOEK’s works form a synergy between the tangible and the intangible, the past and present, blurring the lines between imagination and reality.

Studio KASBOEK implements the latest digital technologies to explore both the elusiveness and wonder, as well as the construction and imagination of reality. Recently, this resulted in THE IMAGINARY ENTITY [i]; a contemporary collaboration with Vincent van Gogh. An invitation for an Artist-in-Residence period at the Van GoghHuis in Zundert provided the opportunity to explore the mechanism of memories within the framework of R.E.T.I.N.A. (Reality, Evolving, Technological, Inner, Neural, Adaptation). We use this framework as an ongoing research method.

Throughout this year (2023), Studio KASBOEK will release a series of NFTs within The Imaginary Entity and outline a theoretical framework around it, with the help of Tamara Heller, Robbert Paul Ferket, and Nina Knaack.

Cathalijne (1981) studied as a three-dimensional designer at Sint Lucas Antwerp with a specialization in visual arts at the same institution.

Debbie (1980) studied at the master’s program in Graphic Design at Post St. Joost Academy in Breda.

Jojanneke (1983) graduated from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague.

About Stichting KASBOEKcollectief

Stichting KASBOEKcollectief is a developmental, producing, and presenting institution in the field of professional arts, founded in 2008 in Roosendaal by Cathalijne Postma (1981), Debbie van Berkel (1980), and Jojanneke Postma (1983). The foundation’s purpose, as described in the notarial deed, is: “To initiate and manage exhibitions for all forms of visual and applied arts, and furthermore, to engage in all activities directly or indirectly related to or beneficial to this purpose, in the broadest sense of the word.”

Stichting KASBOEKcollectief is a small, non-profit, idealistic organization. Since 2021, the foundation has been managed by an independent board consisting of:

  • Chairman: Ben Cartens
  • Secretary: Pieter Sanders
  • Treasurer: Alfred Nobel

In addition to having an advisory role, the board members approve decisions and important documents of the foundation, such as grant applications, annual reports, and budgets. They ensure that no decisions are made that could endanger the foundation’s existence. The board members receive no remuneration for their work.

Studio KASBOEK team:

  • Nina Knaack: Writer and speaker on contemporary art
  • Boris Sverlow: 3D & VR specialist, modeler, visualizer, and editor
  • Puck de Keyser: Communication, PR, and advisor
  • Evert Slagter: Web development

Policy plan 2024 stichting Het Kasboek collectief  (PDF)
Anual Report 2022 stichting Het Kasboek collectief  (PDF)


studio KASBOEK
Van de Reijtstraat 26
4814 NE Breda

Phone: +31 (0)6 19 236 234 (Debbie van Berkel)
E-mail: info@kasboek.org