Imagine peering through the eyes of someone long gone…

A contemporary collaboration between Vincent van Gogh and studio KASBOEK

Van Gogh in the New World

Ron Dirven, curator Van Gogh AiR

Born on 30 March 1853 in Zundert, Vincent van Gogh’s 170th birthday marks the beginning of the ‘Van Gogh Year’ in the Netherlands. An invitation to the Van Gogh Artist-in-Residence (AiR) program in Zundert provided a unique opportunity to explore the mechanisms of memory within our R.E.T.I.N.A. framework (Reality, Evolving, Technological, Inner, Neural, Adaptation).

The Imaginary Entity [i],(2022).

Through Van Gogh AiR, we initiated a project to create a contemporary collaboration with Van Gogh. This project imagines the fascinating possibility of viewing the world through Van Gogh’s eyes, a concept made increasingly feasible by advances in digital technologies. Utilizing AI, we reconstructed Van Gogh’s memories and experiences, leveraging machine learning algorithms to analyze and process data such as images, videos, and texts, ultimately creating a digital representation of his experiences.

The Imaginary Entity [i] explores new perspectives and the merging of realities through AI technology. Instead of merely observing Van Gogh’s work, we engage in a dialogue with him, striving for the most authentic experience of his vision and thought world. This digital dialogue, infused with our own insights and imagination, results in fused artworks that narrate the interplay between physical and digital realms, and the perception of past and present realities.

View the series of digital artworks here:
Makersplace studio KASBOEK  

The Starry Night [i]

Vincent van Gogh’s depiction of the starry night sky, with its brilliant, gem-like stars, resonates deeply with our project One and 2.442 Diamonds, where we created a 3D diamond with a higher refractive index than found in nature. Van Gogh’s vision, marked by the ever-shifting interplay of light and color, connects with our fascination with visual perception and experience. This shared wonder continues to be our starting point, bringing Van Gogh’s perspective to life in a modern context.


Sunflowers [i]

We are captivated by Van Gogh’s iconic sunflowers, a series celebrated for its profound use of color, form, and symbolism. His exploration of vibrant colors, inspired by the Impressionists in Paris, culminated in the renowned sunflower series during his time in Southern France. Van Gogh’s fascination with the color yellow, and his ability to transform it into a bold palette of joy and vitality, is central to this work.

We have reimagined Van Gogh’s sunflowers in new digital artworks, emphasizing his expressive brushstrokes and color usage, while adding our vision to highlight the intricate layers of nature. Our goal is to celebrate the beauty and power of nature, transcending the boundaries between the physical and digital worlds.


Almond Blossom [i]

This work, created by Van Gogh to celebrate the birth of his nephew Vincent Willem, symbolizes new life and hope. Our digital interpretations draw from Japanese art influences, much like Van Gogh did, aiming to create harmonious and visually intriguing pieces that evoke memories and invite contemplation.

We experiment with perspectives and optical iterations within the theme of almond blossoms, linking past and present, and emphasizing the cross-pollination of artistic ideas and creative influences.


Vincent van Gogh is renowned for his bold use of color, expressive brushwork, and emotional intensity in his art. His unique perspective allowed him to find beauty in everyday objects and scenes, such as sunflowers, wheat fields, and starry nights. Van Gogh’s deep appreciation for nature often served as his inspiration, resulting in art that was both intensely personal and universally relatable. He had the remarkable ability to convey profound emotions through his work, creating a lasting impact on the world of art.

Tree Roots [i]

Van Gogh’s “Tree Roots” highlights the significance of time in art. Painted in July 1890, it is one of his last works. When we began our Artist-in-Residence program, the exact location of “Tree Roots” was recently identified from a 2020 photo. This atypical painting, focusing on tangled roots and trunks, uses vibrant colors and dynamic brushstrokes. Van Gogh’s last letter reveals his intense artistic drive and deep connection to nature. Our digital interpretations enhance the elements of time and light, adding movement and color to create a reflective visual experience.


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