Sunflowers [i]

The Imaginary Entity [i]

About the project: The Imaginary Entity [i]

In The Imaginary Entity [i] project, we explore new perspectives and realities using AI. We engage in a digital dialogue with Van Gogh’s work, combining our insights to create digital artworks. These pieces merge physical and digital worlds, bridging past and present.

Inspired by Van Gogh’s Sunflowers

Van Gogh’s sunflowers, known for their vibrant colors and bold forms, symbolize joy and vitality. After moving to Paris, he adopted a colorful palette influenced by the Impressionists. He chose sunflowers, seen as rustic and unrefined at the time, reflecting his quest for uniqueness.

During his time in Southern France, Van Gogh created his renowned sunflower series. He painted five large canvases, each featuring sunflowers in various stages of bloom. These works, characterized by three shades of yellow, showcase his mastery of color contrasts. Our digital reinterpretations capture the same energy and optimism, bringing these iconic works to a contemporary audience.

Exploring tranquility and color harmony

We focus on form and composition to evoke a sense of tranquility. The vibrant palette in our digital sunflowers recalls the bold contrasts of Japanese woodcuts, reflecting Van Gogh’s influence and the richness of his style. By emphasizing close-ups of sunflowers in full bloom, we aim to radiate energy and optimism, highlighting the sunflower as a symbol of positivity.



Honoring the past, embracing the future

Our goal is to honor Van Gogh’s legacy while embracing modern technology. Using AI, we engage more deeply with his works, exploring new perspectives and optical iterations. This allows us to blend the physical and digital realms, offering fresh ways to experience and appreciate Van Gogh’s art.


First, you see them in the distance. Then you come closer, and finally, you want nothing more than to immerse yourself in that sea of yellow.

Van Gogh’s Artistic Evolution

Van Gogh’s journey began with The Potato Eaters, painted in rich earth tones. However, this work was initially seen as too dark and melancholic. His move to Paris marked a significant shift, as he encountered the light, colorful works of the Impressionists. This experience influenced him to adopt a brighter palette and explore flower still lifes.

His choice of sunflowers, considered unconventional at the time, reflects his constant search for uniqueness. The sunflower series, created in Southern France, is a testament to his bold use of color and form. Van Gogh’s ability to convey powerful emotions through simple yet striking compositions remains an inspiration.

Embracing nature’s beauty

Van Gogh’s appreciation for nature’s beauty is evident in his sunflower series. The expressive brushwork and textured surfaces give these paintings a sense of liveliness and movement. Our digital reinterpretations aim to capture this dynamic energy, emphasizing the intricate details and vibrant colors that make Van Gogh’s work so captivating.

By using a digital medium, we can zoom in on these details, offering a closer look at the way sunflowers catch the light. This enhances the viewer’s experience, allowing them to appreciate the overwhelming beauty of nature that Van Gogh so masterfully depicted.


We invite you to join us on this journey of reinterpreting Van Gogh’s masterpieces. By blending the physical and digital realms, we aim to discover new ways of experiencing and appreciating art. Through The Imaginary Entity, we hope to bring the timeless beauty and emotional depth of Van Gogh’s sunflowers to a modern audience.

Sunflowers [i]