What if we connect the perception of light with the inner and cosmic experience of wonder?

The exhibition, entitled Weerschijn , will be open until 20 May 2024

Stedelijk Museum Breda

What if we connect the perception of light with the inner and cosmic experience of wonder?

The objective of this art project, entitled Prismatic Reverberation, is to analyse light, colour, and movement in order to show how these elements influence perception and encourage diverse perspectives on reality. The art installation delves into light phenomena, connects science with subjectivity, and creates new realities and interpretations. In this art project we combine art, science and religion in order to develop a deeper understanding of the fundamental building blocks of life and the complexity of human existence. The project’s starting point is the perspective of the carbon atom, which forms the basic element of life and our entire existence. Prismatic Reverberation is the result of our continued exploration of light, colour, and movement. The artworks Resonance, Mirror Alignment, Interreflections and Radiant Halo build upon previous projects like One and 2.442 Diamonds.

In the installation Prismatic Reverberation , the carbon atom, considered the fundamental building block of life, plays a crucial role. This element is the metaphorical and literal source of light in the work. While artist Anish Kapoor explores the deepest blacks and shadows of the carbon atom, this installation focuses on the highest light, the uplifting and connecting properties of light.

The work not only explores the scientific aspects of light and life, but it also invites philosophical and spiritual reflection. The installation prompts questions about the intrinsic connection between the heavenly and the earthly, between the material and the spiritual. The vibrant and colourful halos in an infinite space engage the viewer in contemplation about the origins of life and the way light connects us to the bigger picture.

The installation’s structure, composed of a triangle, symbolises the connection between art, science and subjectivity. This triangle also represents the intertwining of our different perspectives, past, present and future, and the three aspects of faith, geometry and prism. Each aspect of the triangle contributes to a deeper meaning of the installation, making ‘Prismatic Reverberation’ a space where art, science and the sublime merge in a dialogue about light, life and perception.


The 3-piece artwork, titled Resonance, goes beyond the conventional depiction of the carbon atom to explore the resonance of light. Blue is employed strategically within this series to signify infinity, while also embodying purity and transcendence. Gold, chosen for its radiant brilliance, scarcity, and resistance to corrosion, stands as a symbol of the celestial, representing the utmost echelons of light. The combination of gold and blue creates a harmonious and aesthetically appealing effect. This fusion not only balances the celestial properties of gold with the serene and pure qualities of blue but also evokes a profound sense of equilibrium and spiritual harmony. Together, these elements in Resonance invite viewers to reflect on the interplay of light and substance, creating an immersive experience that transcends the physical to touch the metaphysical.


The video installation Interreflection encourages viewers to engage in a reflective examination of interactions between matter, light and refraction. This piece focuses on the perspective of the carbon atom from an internal viewpoint, with a particular emphasis on the distinctive qualities of the KASBOEKdiamond. Notable for its high refractive index of 2.442, the KASBOEKdiamond exudes a pure brilliance that captivates, inspiring feelings of infinity and weightlessness in the beholder. Immersive soundscapes complement the installation, which transcends the conventional boundaries of gravity. The result is a profoundly immersive experience of the universe’s vast grandeur. Interreflection is a unique space where science and artistry blend seamlessly, allowing the audience to expand their perception of reality.

Mirror Alignment

Mirror Alignment is an immersive art experience comprising several works that collectively explore the boundaries of light and colour, inspired by the James Webb Space Telescope. The advanced astronomical instrument serves as a catalyst for a visual experience that aims to intensify and redefine the perception of the stars. This work encourages visitors to interact and assemble the vivid scene of celestial observation through concentric rings of luminous bodies.

The assembled arrangement of lenses and filters allows light to be reflected and refracted from multiple angles, increasing the visibility of coloured circles with increased brightness and vivid sharpness. This refraction of light not only illuminates the physical properties of colour and light, but also creates a moment of deep wonder and revelation. In this way, Mirror Alignment transforms an inspiring scientific concept into an artistic spectacle, providing a space where viewers can engage with the cosmos through an enhanced lens of clarity and awe.

Radiant Halo

The installation’s focal point is the artwork ‘Radiant Halo’. This immersive piece creates a cosmic depth effect, where bright halos become visible from three different sides. The halo, traditionally associated with sanctity and illumination, is reinterpreted here as a manifestation of the impressive power of light.

The work ‘Radiant Halo’ offers a brief insight into the concept of ‘origins’. It provides a gateway to the spiritual, a transcendent moment in which the boundaries of the everyday are blurred and the deeper essence of existence is touched. This involves experiencing a brief but profound connection with something greater than ourselves, allowing the meaning and beauty of wonder to be felt more intensely.

The renowned impressionist painter Paul Cézanne once remarked:

Everything we see is light

This insight forms the underlying philosophy of the artwork. It recognises that without light, our reality would be an invisible void, devoid of the hues that define our perception of the world. Light is not just a physical phenomenon; it is an essential force that makes diversity and life possible. Sunlight is the ultimate source of life.