KASBOEK XVII desire lines

The municipality of Ridderkerk has awarded KASBOEK a tender for a work of art on the
Koningsplein in the center of Ridderkerk. The Koningsplein is a transition area, where catering establishments, the town hall and urban buildings come together. It is an accessible location for people on the way to work, shops or a cup of coffee. A square where people like to stay, leads to meeting, development and social cohesion.

Proces urban project KASBOEK XVII, desire lines
This square has a special feature, it is a meeting point of the natural water course the Blaak and the Above ground, the natural watercourse is no longer visible. KASBOEK XVII, desire line depict this meeting point where movement is the connection. On February 2, 2018, the first phase of the urban project KASBOEK XVII, desire line took place. On this date brilliant stones, in the form of a golden balloon, were added to the artwork KASBOEK XVII, desire line that will soon be realized on the Koningsplein. Routes across the square were interrupted on the way to place the balloon.
As the water always finds its natural way, people also follow their natural route. This natural course of people across the square is symbolic of the part of the Blaak waterway that continues underneath the square. With this art project the cultural-historical value of the square is shown. The definitive design for the artwork has been established on the basis of intuitive human behavior. The time-lapse film that was made reflects the natural course of the passers-by of the square and the connection with the environment. At the spot, where the golden balloon is placed on the way, the current vowel will be replaced by a vowel that shines in the sun. Just like the sun provides glare on the water. In this way the value of the square is made visible in a dynamic and beautiful way for all people who pass through the square. The golden desire line are golden stones that revive the blaze on the square and the shape of the blaze as it was uninterrupted. When the twilight strikes, the blaak meanders in LED lighting along the golden desire line.

A line is a dot that went for a walk

Paul Klee

Blaak of blaken komt van het woord branden, schitteren en prijken.

Het gemak waarmee ze schitteren, geeft de vroegere waterloop weer.

De looplijnen verbeelden we door huidige klinkers te vervangen door klinkers die flikkeren in de zon zoals de zon reflecteert in het water.