KASBOEK XIV sense of place

Our latest installation, KASBOEK XIV – “Sense of Place” is to be found in the atrium/main hall of Hogeschool Utrecht, Heidelberglaan 7. This work tells of the transition from material to immaterial and takes the form of an abstract tree. The “canopy” is made up of transparent words, which transition through colours and rhythms via the led lighting.

Sense of Place is about a person’s experience in a given setting, and how it changes and varies.The way in which the words are displayed takes inspiration from Dadaism, thus new word combinations can be made from every viewpoint or perspective. This brings complexity and dynamism to this location wherein care, technology, art and society come together with the building design.

Why can’t a tree be called Pluplusch?

Hugo Ball

Al wat in de kunst belangrijk is, ligt voorbij de woorden.

George Braque

©KASBOEK XIV, sense of place, 2016. Foto: Peter van Dijk Fotografie.