Roundabout artwork ‘kas’

The roundabout Ambachtsezoom / Reeweg is the entrance of a new housing development, De Volgerlanden in the municipality Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht. Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht was known as a market gardeners village, vegetables and fruit were grown in hothouses and in the open. The housing project has replaced this market gardener area. The greenhouse, as nostalgic and vanishing element in the landscape, is used as a symbolic construction in our concept.

This roundabout artwork has been developed under commision of the municipality of Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht.
Prior to the concept, art class was given to pupils in the age rangeing from eight to fourteen. These pupils came from the district De Volgerlanden. The theme “roundabout as a mini landscape” was at the center of these lessons. In their own way the pupils could freely interpret “the roundabout as mini landscape” and work out their ideas both two and three dimensional.

The title of the roundabout artwork refers to a Dutch boys name (symbol for the children), a glas house for growing plants and vegetables (symbol for the construction of the sculpture) and a place where valuables can be stored (symbol for the cultural-historical value and the drawings of the pupils).

fotografie: Peter van Dijk

The unveiling, 25th September 2013
Photography: Paul van Bueren

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In production by Blomsma Print & Sign
The design

The results of the lessons