KASBOEK X transport of Value

The mystery was gone, but the amazement was just starting.

Andy Warhol

The KASBOEK X exhibition was located in De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB), Amsterdam. DNB is the central bank of the Netherlands and serves as supervisor of the entire Financial sector. It is committed to promoting and maintaining monetary and financial stability as its contribution to a healthy economy. Despite pallets full of paper money and shelves full of gold in the cellars, one can not withdraw cash or open a bank account. It’s not like your local bank. DNB manages the state cashbook en is the revisor of the Dutch finances. It is the hub of all kinds of activities, of transactions and information flows, both national as well as international, which continually come together, cross each other, tap, register, change direction and continue their course. This beating heart of the financial sector is a complex process and for the spectator it is difficult to comprehend.

KASBOEK X recreated this process. Objects, signed and numbered, were transported to DNB in an armoured truck. This vehicle is familiar to the public, transporting valuable goods or money. They are numbered and safeguarded to minimize risks thereby increasing the confidence of transportation in this manner, and giving a sense of safety. This transportation system has to be discrete like the DNB and therefore the spectator has to trust what goes on. Once in the DNB exposition space, the objects ware again registered and arranged waiting to continue their journey. The transport of value was translated in the KASBOEK installation especially created for the exhibition space in DNB.

The installation consisted of a pneumatic dispatch system that was placed in a network which took up the entire exhibition space. This transporting system is well known for its reliability, effectiveness and safety in transporting valuables or confidential documents. This transport medium, usually not visible to the public, was shown in the exposition of KASBOEK X. It represented the crossroads where all transactions and information flows come together. Each visitor could place a desired object in the KASBOEK installation. In this way the system started to work, whistling and rumbling, taking its course. The more objects that were placed in the tubes the higher the value becomes. The inputs of the audience determined the fluctuation, now discernible in speed, sound and rhythm.