KASBOEK VIII art for grabs

KASBOEK VIII was located between the cultural centre, with a theatre, museum, a square where many cultural events take place; and the busy shopping area of Roosendaal.

The art project was situated in the shop window of the art lending library, Arthoteek 18 Roosendaal in the mall Biggelaar. The Artotheek18 Roosendaal had requested KASBOEK as part of an ‘experiment and promising young talent’, to design a project specifically for this display. In the two months July and August, an installation of over 15 meters long was presented in the shop window.

In KASBOEK VIII the characteristics of a shop window; attracting attention, showing, arousing desire, activating , interaction, were present in this installation. The effect was similar to the white-cube character, which can be found in most galleries and museums. Le vide (emptiness), as it is called, is a milestone in the exhibition discourse and is considered the ultimate playground to be able to experience modern art. A space for experimentation, reaction with the environment, equipment and identity.

Art for Grabs was a project that accentuated the impersonal by making mass production personal. The other way around applies to art lending libraries. The art library is a repository of personal unique art. These are presented en masse, and lent or exchanged for another artwork.

The shop window consisted of an enclosed space and an open space. The enclosed space consisted of a window from top to bottom setting the KASBOEK discourse in motion.

Empty canvases filled the space, giving the room a serenity and nothingness. There was a push button on the outside, which activated a grip arm. When a spectator pusheed the button the grip arm took paint from a pot of paint. The colour changed in the course of two months. It moved at random from one side to the other. A canvas was gripped and released again somewhere else: A new composition was created, in colour as well as in canvas.
By changing the colour the canvas got its own character. It is personalised. The more people were pressing the button, the more intense the colour became.

Can one resist pressing the button? After this exhibition the paintings could be lend from the art library.

A webcam was focused on the changing composition that occured here as well. These pictures were continually presented on a specially developed project page www. kasboek.org.

In the open display, there was a large amount of posters (free to take away) with a QR Code (Quick Response), which was linked to the especially developed project page. This contemporary technique gave a new mode between abstract print and digital information provision. By scanning one arrived at the accessory mobile project page. Additional information about this project could be found there and the interactive process was followed up.

Grab the art!

Maintenant je veux aller au-delà de l’art – au-delà de la sensibilité – de la vie. Je veux aller dans le vide.

Yves Klein