KASBOEK V land-art

The farm is the stage for the fifth exhibition of KASBOEK: KASBOEK V.
A house with a thatched roof and small rooms. Isolated from the surrounding fields as if on an island. During KASBOEK V, we put the definition of land art on the scales, where does it begin and where does it end? In the barn of the farm is a thatched ceiling. Inside and outside, this thin barrier looks identical. The boundaries are searched for without using attachments or wall panels and a passage from inside to outside is suggested. In this space, the land-art installation site is created in cooperation with the public.

KASBOEK V is also an anniversary exhibition. Therefore, a retrospective of KASBOEK will be shown along with this land art project, a festive event. A land art project in which balloons are an important element for festivity,
adventure and advancement. KASBOEK V Dalen is sponsored by the Family Sanders-ten Holte and the Coevorden Municipality.

high, look up!
Dalen in CMYK colors
Through the reeds, all together,
Passage In multiples,
Light in the sky,
Through the clouds,
Hold, release and launch
Floating like a still life,
highly resilient balance versatility,
Land Art?
Dancing in the air,
Between rays reflected,
The wind of the north,
Northern Glimmer,
glimmer of hope,
for unlimited time …