KASBOEK IV publication LAV’ART #1 2010

February 2010, edition LAVA 16.1 Amsterdam

The fourth exhibition of KASBOEKcollectief was presented in this publication.

In the creative process the design of the exhibition was as important as the art work. KASBOEK is always looking for a playful and unusual way to present its art work, in order to explore the value of art and the obvious rebuttal.

The visitor were invited to participate in the process. This time, seen in 16.1 LAVA, we queried the publication as an exhibition space. With KASBOEK IV the public was able to see the art works projected on a background of an original page of an accounts ledger.
— Uitgeverij Meulenhoff Amsterdam, ISBN 9 7890 2908 6097




QUOTE Xavier van Leeuwe

Three special women. With a special mission. Connected by their ledgers, they assess the results of the day. Did we make a profit or did we lose? Their trialogue is inspiring and fresh. I visited their show in Schiedam. Every day I see my teacup glued to the dish of these young artists, proving that some things in life are inseparable and belong together permanently. Similarly, I hope, the combined talents of these bookkeepers of the soul stick together.