KASBOEK III perpetuum mobilé

A constantly in motion exhibition as part of the theme year 2009 Schiedam, “strong women”, was developed. A lead block was the focal point and was transformed during this exhibition. The voyeuristic nature of KASBOEK III, due to the webcamrecordings, gave the public the opportunity to follow this process live throughout the exhibition, 24 / 7 by webcam. Follow, enjoy and bid!

POEM Perpetuum mobilé

Beautiful dresses with sugar
outsite the sun is shining
Autumn does invade
The THREE of them
24 hours
Raging Reporter
Loose dishes filled with liqueur
finished with tears
Karel the cat
St-Liduinastreet recorded,
Oh yeah? Yeah, every day.
The assistance of all,
It leaks trust.
Cleaning Hand Soap,
Without skirting-board,
Pencil on the wall,
Light from above,
Loops from the ceiling,
Let’s see if the ladies are working,
Ragout Dish 1897,
Peas and pear liquorice,

The harbour to the open sea with floodgates and men that open the bridge.
With one hammer blow, the future is determined, the value is unveiled.

The surface of the lead was sculptured in a Perpetuum Mobile. On October 3, 2009 the lead sculpture was auctioned at the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam by auctioneer Chris Vellinga (Venduehuis, The Hague). With KASBOEK III, the KASBOEKcollective received the response to the question: What is the value of this unique piece of art which one was enabled to follow up 24 / 7 ? Perpetuum Mobile is purchased by the city of Schiedam. KASBOEK III Schiedam is made possible by the municipality of Schiedam.



Some projects make more of an impression than one could have imagined beforehand…
In September 2009, the KASBOEKcollective settled down for one month in our city, Schiedam. A “constantly moving” exhibition was realized, as part of our year theme “Strong Women”. In the middle of an empty building in the center of downtown. With a webcam and a website. And a lead block. One month, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With the door open, and an auction.
The KASBOEKcollective has put down a very exciting project in the month that they were in our city, with the end result being a beautiful sculpture ‘Perpetuum Mobile’. The Perpetuum Mobile moves constantly and is capable of generating energy from nothing. In the empty shop in the High Street they have created a dynamic studio. With a notice board on the sidewalk and the door – If they were present, always open. The project started KASBOEK III. A block of hand-cast lead in the center. To the outside world it seems as if nothing is happening, but then suddenly we see the Block of lead change form step by step. Many residents of Schiedam, followed these women by Internet or by visiting the studio. As befits a true resident of Schiedam they asked what they were doing and especially why. With this understanding of the process, how does art work? And what is the value of it? A look behind the scenes of the artist.

And then you have a sculpture, formed by an impression of the city Schiedam, the smells,the tastes and the influences,and not to forget Strong Women. During an auction at the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam everyone could bid. Excitement at such an auction, not only for the artists (how much will it make, questoning what is the value), But also for the bidders. Who is in the game, test your opponent, try to evaluate them, and then ready set go … The bids soar up and then suddenly I was the one who had the last bid. The sculpture I wanted! I must have it! And then suddenly you’re the last and the auctioneer says sold to No. 1. Okay then! On behalf of the municipality, I may buy the statue and give it a spot in the city Schiedam. Beside the sculpture there is a film about the project also with composed Music which fits the images. Not everything was rosy, unfortunately, someone found it necessary to break into the ladies studio and take all their belongings with him. Many people would have given up, but Jojanneke, Debbie and Cathalijne have turned the negative energy into a positive force and finished their project. In the meantime they speak about the incident as the “blooper”. This is an example to many people.

Schiedam, is a city with mills and a history of raw hard-working workers in the gin-and shipping industry. Close to big brother Rotterdam and little by little becoming prouder of our own town: no need to exaggerate, just acting normal is crazy enough. Schiedammers have always paid enough attention to arts and culture. A new generation of artists and designers is finding their way to Schiedam. I hope to pave the way so that they can find it more easily.


KASBOEKIII has made a big impression on our city and the community.

— Daphne Harthoorn, Beleidsadviseur Cultuur, Gemeente Schiedam