SIDE PROJECT I Cursive & Whatnots


Cursief (italics)

A recurring and integral part of the KASBOEK expositions, is this installation composed of KASBOEK cups.Each cup has its own number, signature, and certificate. By buying a unique KASBOEK cup for a symbolic price, the visitor takes part in the installation. The cup is used during the exposition for the wine or water that is served. By buying a cup the visitor is confronted with the discussion of what is the value of art, because not only can the choice of the cup be made from an aesthetic viewpoint (nice or ugly) but also from a practical viewpoint ( the bigger it is, the more wine it will contain). The visitor also has an influence on the installation during the exposition as the presentation constantly evolves, and so puts its mark on the starting point of the next destination.


WHATNOT Alone they are not the same as they are in composition.

‘whatnot’ is a series of KASBOEK whatnot. Originally they were designed for the high tea discussion performance during KASBOEK II in Breda 2009. The KASBOEK whatnot are composed of porcelain signed and with a certificate.